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Versatile Lychee-Textured Top Grain Leather Bucket

Versatile Lychee-Textured Top Grain Leather Bucket

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Versatile Lychee-Textured Top Grain Leather Bucket Bag

Product Description: Introducing an elegant and multifunctional bucket bag crafted from high-quality lychee-textured top grain leather, offering a luxurious softness and elasticity. Available in white-brown, milk tea gray, hot cocoa, and classic black, providing a range of stylish combinations.

Meticulously designed with double stitching and prominent mushroom studs, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. The interior features high-density pure cotton lining, ensuring the safety of your belongings while enhancing overall quality. With its spacious design, it effortlessly meets your daily needs, allowing for easy and fashionable carrying.

The distinctive bucket bag design offers various carrying options, including single-shoulder and crossbody, displaying diverse fashion styles. Equipped with an additional crossbody strap and an internal zipper pocket for added practicality and convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • Model:802
  • Dimensions: 21×16×27cm
  • Material: Lychee-textured top grain leather, soft and elastic
  • Interior Structure: High-density pure cotton lining, variable bucket bag design
  • Carrying Options: Single-shoulder, crossbody
  • Colors: White-brown, milk tea gray, hot cocoa, black

This versatile lychee-textured top grain leather bucket bag is a sleek and fashionable accessory, combining aesthetics with functionality to make it an ideal companion for your daily activities.

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