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Matte Suede Bucket Bag

Matte Suede Bucket Bag

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Product Introduction:

Model: 919#, this matte suede color-blocked bucket bag presents a unique texture, refined and sophisticated. The bag features a clever design, offering the flexibility of two carrying styles with both hand-carry and crossbody options. With dimensions of 27×12×26cm, it combines fashion and practicality seamlessly.

The matte suede color-blocked design enhances the bag's quality and contemporary style. Its exquisite appearance not only showcases delicate craftsmanship but also provides ample space to effortlessly accommodate your daily essentials. Whether carried by hand or slung over the shoulder, it exudes different fashion vibes. This is a bucket bag that combines design aesthetics with practicality, allowing you to express yourself confidently in style.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 919#
  • Material: Matte suede color-blocked top-grain leather
  • Dimensions: 27×12×26cm
  • Carrying Styles: Hand-carry, Crossbody
  • Accessories: Hand-carry strap, Crossbody strap
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