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Stylish Atmospheric Tote Bag

Stylish Atmospheric Tote Bag

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Stylish Atmospheric Tote Bag

Product Description: The Stylish Atmospheric Tote Bag, model number 938#, comes in dimensions of 30×12×31cm. With its clean and atmospheric design, the vertical and horizontal lines on the bag create a sense of sophistication, showcasing its high-quality appearance. The exquisite woven cherry pendant adds vitality to the overall design, radiating a vibrant energy. Offering super-high practicality, it provides a convenient daily carrying experience. The intricate contrasting hand-sewn stitching and handwoven custom pendant reflect excellent craftsmanship. The large capacity and organized compartments meet your diverse needs.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 938#
  • Dimensions: 30×12×31cm
  • Material: Textured oil-waxed cowhide
  • Colors: Pearl White, Energetic Pink, Ink Black
  • Features: Atmospheric and concise design, vibrant cherry pendant, super-high practicality, exquisite handcrafted details
  • Capacity: Large capacity, organized compartments

The Stylish Atmospheric Tote Bag is your ideal choice to showcase taste and style, combining practicality with aesthetics to become a fashion focal point in your daily life.

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