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Vintage Style Suede Shoulder Bag

Vintage Style Suede Shoulder Bag

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Vintage Style Suede Shoulder Bag

Product Description: Introducing the Vintage Style Suede Shoulder Bag, distinguished by its soft touch and unique design. The back is cleverly accented with oil-waxed cowhide, adding both a sense of fashion and protection against abrasions. Featuring an edge-pocket and zippered compartment inside, it enhances security and privacy. The adjustable shoulder strap design allows for effortless transitions between single-shoulder and crossbody styles, perfectly showcasing the vintage ambiance.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 9052
  • Dimensions: 19×15.5×16cm
  • Materials: Suede, Oil-Waxed Cowhide
  • Color Options: Multiple

This Vintage Style Suede Shoulder Bag, with its attention to detail, is an ideal choice for everyday fashion. Whether strolling through the city or attending social gatherings, it symbolizes your unique taste in fashion, beautifully interpreting the fusion of vintage and modern styles.

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