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Minimalist Basket Bucket Bag

Minimalist Basket Bucket Bag

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Minimalist Basket Bucket Bag 9050

Product Description: The 9050 Minimalist Basket Bucket Bag is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing a superb level of craftsmanship. Its lightweight design exudes a gentle and elegant charm, making it an absolute must-have for elevating your fashion sense.

With dimensions of 20×15×20cm, this bag is made from lychee-patterned top-grain leather, offering a soft and elastic feel. The unique design features double handles and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, providing versatility for hand-carrying, over-the-shoulder, or crossbody wear. The reinforced bottom ensures stability and prevents the bag from sagging. The zippered closure adds an extra layer of security for your belongings. Additionally, it comes with an internal storage pouch for convenient organization.

Available in a variety of colors: Eggshell, Cream White, Rose Bean Paste, and Toffee Caramel.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 9050
  • Dimensions: 20×15×20cm
  • Material: Lychee-patterned top-grain leather
  • Handles: Double handles
  • Strap: Adjustable shoulder strap, can be hand-carried, worn over the shoulder, or crossbody
  • Bottom: Reinforced, stable bag shape
  • Closure: Zippered closure for high security
  • Accessory: Internal storage pouch
  • Colors: Eggshell, Cream White, Rose Bean Paste, Toffee Caramel

The 9050 Minimalist Basket Bucket Bag is a fashion-forward and quality accessory, promising a delightful touch of sophistication to your daily ensemble.

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