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Winged Elegance Leather Tote

Winged Elegance Leather Tote

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Winged Elegance Leather Tote

Product Description: The Winged Elegance Leather Tote, with model number 906, showcases a unique transformative design with a magnetic clasp and is equipped with a zippered storage pocket, providing versatile and convenient carrying options. Whether worn over the shoulder or carried by hand, its flexibility and practicality shine through. This tote's stylish and atmospheric design not only adds a fashionable touch but also accommodates everyday essentials like iPads and magazines.

Crafted from lychee-patterned top-grain cowhide, this tote ensures a high-quality feel and durability. With dimensions of 23×29×12cm, it offers ample capacity while remaining exquisitely portable, making it an ideal companion for various occasions.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 906
  • Size: 23×29×12cm
  • Material: Lychee-patterned top-grain cowhide
  • Design: Transformative wings, Magnetic clasp, Zippered storage pocket
  • Carrying Options: Over the shoulder, Carried by hand
  • Usage: Accommodates iPads, magazines, and more

The Winged Elegance Leather Tote, model 906, is a perfect blend of unique style and practicality, making it your ideal companion for daily life.

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